“Iran: Sanctions won’t derail enrichment”

October 5, 2006

Ground invasion will though. Iraq battle phase deaths were 200, occupation deaths are 70 per month. The drivers of occupation deaths are foreign Sunni Arab fighters and Sunni Shiite clash in Iraq. Both won’t happen in Iran, since Iranians won’t allow Sunni Arab fighters nor do they have the clash.

So if we invade Iran we cut the Iranian supply of Iraq and if we leave Iraq we cut our casualties after an initial bump up. This then positions our army on the Pakistan border to pressure them to give up their nukes as well.

October 5th, 2006 at 08:59:55   From: Fallaci Admirer
Scott l
The Mideast Minute Men we could call them? What about you Scott, do you want to join? You can be a Captain of the Minute Men. We are running out of time. Bush will likely strike Iran with air power only. He may hope that will give a warning to North Korea and Pakistan of what a US air strike is like.

October 5th, 2006 at 14:03:35   From: Fallaci Admirer
Faulty logic?
Not for us, but it is for them. Pakistan got the bomb in May 98. Al Qaeda attacked our embassy in Aug 98. Pakistan attacked India in 1999 when both had the bomb. That was Musharraf’s idea. Musharraf pretended the Pakistani troops were terrorists and wouldn’t accept back their dead bodies from India. Al Qaeda attacked the Cole in 2000.

All through these years, Pakistan was talking to US and IMF on refinancing its debt. Musharraf said he felt US owed Pakistan for opposing Soviets in 80’s and, in effect, disliked us extremely for dropping them. Mush also called saying Pakistan’s bomb was Muslim racist in his book. On Sep 11, 2001, Pakistan had 38 billion in debt including to IMF and World Bank.

US told them they couldn’t refinance it unless they gave up their nukes perhaps, Pakistan was under sanctions.

On 9-13, General Ahmed of ISI and Armitage got into a shouting match it appears. What did Ahemd say? Give us money if you want the terrorism to stop? Pakistan has gotten over 4 billion since 9-11 and refinanced its debt. Armitage promised them F16s in 1988/89 and they resented they hadn’t gotten them.

Frontline did a special this week, see their webpage, that basically showed the Taliban have killed the Tribal Leaders in Waziristan that Mush said made the deal not the Taliban. They showed Mush saying two different things in the same interview.

In their minds, their nuke let them attack India, Musharraf admits that. On 9-11, they either gave up their nukes to refinance or let al Qaeda attack us and charge protection money is one interpretation. Their logic means we have to denuke them now.

October 5th, 2006 at 14:06:48   From: Fallaci Admirer
gregdn “They can fight back”
The reply to “Faulty logic” address this. They got a nuke and attacked India in 1999. MAD says nuclear powers won’t fight. Instead Pakistan got a nuke in May 98 and unleashed terrorist attacks and their own military pretending to be terrorists in every year since. That includes every year since 9-11, since as Frontline shows they are giving money they get from us to the Taliban who are fighting us with al Qaeda. Their concept of war is that their people are not productive and they have to attack us until we pay them money. Their concept is if we kill their people its less people to share the protection money they make us pay them.

Iran: Sanctions won’t derail enrichment


October 5th, 2006 at 05:45:04 From: Fallaci Admirer

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“Russia, India, China worst for bribery”

October 5, 2006

Bill Moyers reported last night on PBS that part of the case against Tom Delay is that Russian oligarchs paid him to get funding of the IMF in 1998 to give Russia loans or at least roll over their debt. Stanley Fischer at IMF and Larry Summers at US Treasury were in charge of negotiating with Chubais of Russia.

Chubais was briefly on the payroll of HIID, ie. Harvard under Shleifer in Jan 96. The first big IMF loans were spring 95 and the oligarchs got Russia’s oil and gas in fall 95 under loans for shares, also under Chubais. Chubais negotiated the July 98 4.8 billion from IMF and that was reported to be stolen in Aug 98.

LTCM traded Russian bonds in Aug 98. Congress had hearings on bailout of LTCM, loans to Russia, Iraq Liberation Act, Clinton Impeachment in fall 98.

The allegations against Tom Delay according to Moyers are that Russia bribed him to keep this IMF funding of Russia going. USAO Mass investigated Harvard and HIID and Shleifer from 1997 to 2005.

If info was not revealed to USAO Mass by Clinton administration and Harvard , was that used by PNAC and neocons to influence the Iraq Liberation Act in 98? Was Delay involved in getting that passed?

Was this information used to influence court in Bush v. Gore or Gore to go away? By November 2000, the House Republicans including Porter Goss and Christopher Cox, now at SEC, had said that Al Gore, Strobe Talbott and Larry Summers were part of a run away Troika mismanaging the relation to Russia. The main relation was the IMF loans.
Did Pakistan know that and use that to threaten Armitage on Sep 13 2001 leading to his threat to bomb Pakistan if they exposed the neocons not for their role if any in 9-11? General Mahmood Ahmed of the Pakistan ISI met with Armitage on 9-13. That is when Musharraf says that Armitage threatened to blow him back to the “Stone Age”.

This is all speculation and hypothesis.
October 5th, 2006 at 05:14:12
Russia, India, China worst for bribery

This is hypothesis and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.

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September 26, 2006

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Musharraf Lied on 60 minutes about Khan, Nukes

September 25, 2006

General Pervez Musharraf lied on 60 minutes about Abdul Qadeer Khan and Musharraf’s knowledge about Khan selling nuclear weapons to North Korea. Khan was not in the ISI. The ISI controls Pakistan like the KGB did the Soviet Union. Khan couldn’t move anything without the ISI knowing.

General Mahmood Ahmed was head of the ISI on October 12, 1999 when he led the coup that put Musharraf in power.

60 Minutes

“Musharraf: In the Line of Fire
Pakistan’s President Tells Steve Kroft U.S. Threatened His Country
NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2006”

“First of all, bringing these centrifuges or their parts, these are not huge elements. They can be put into your car and moved,” Musharraf replies.

“You think he moved 18 tons worth of material in his car?” Kroft asks.

Musharraf says the materials, heading to Libya and Iran ” must have been transported many times.”

Did Musharraf know about 9-11?  See followingn discussion board. 

Subject: Regarding 9/11 and Mush…

Let’s be honest. There are a number of things that should be noted. The most important that Pakistan, aka Pukistan has remained and continues to remain a terrorist nation. Not alleged, but an actual sponsor of terrorism.

Furthermore, the United States, regardless of it’s political parties, none have ever been willing to condemn Pakistan’s actions, past, present, or in the future. In fact, The entire mindset of the entire United States political elites has remained mired within that of the Cold War. Never mind that Saudi Arabia has sought to acquire or even may have acquired nuclear weapons from Pakistan, orginating in the PRC, to marry up with IRBMs that Saudi Arabia owns.

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Subject: RE Mush & 9/11

Time for honesty.
Mush knew. End of story.  “

Time for honesty about A. Q. Khan.  Mush knew, end of story.  Time for honesty about harboring bin Laden, Mush knew, end of story.  Time for honesty about the August 1998 embassy attacks and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole.  Mush knew, end of story.

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September 21, 2006

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