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“Russia, India, China worst for bribery”

October 5, 2006

Bill Moyers reported last night on PBS that part of the case against Tom Delay is that Russian oligarchs paid him to get funding of the IMF in 1998 to give Russia loans or at least roll over their debt. Stanley Fischer at IMF and Larry Summers at US Treasury were in charge of negotiating with Chubais of Russia.

Chubais was briefly on the payroll of HIID, ie. Harvard under Shleifer in Jan 96. The first big IMF loans were spring 95 and the oligarchs got Russia’s oil and gas in fall 95 under loans for shares, also under Chubais. Chubais negotiated the July 98 4.8 billion from IMF and that was reported to be stolen in Aug 98.

LTCM traded Russian bonds in Aug 98. Congress had hearings on bailout of LTCM, loans to Russia, Iraq Liberation Act, Clinton Impeachment in fall 98.

The allegations against Tom Delay according to Moyers are that Russia bribed him to keep this IMF funding of Russia going. USAO Mass investigated Harvard and HIID and Shleifer from 1997 to 2005.

If info was not revealed to USAO Mass by Clinton administration and Harvard , was that used by PNAC and neocons to influence the Iraq Liberation Act in 98? Was Delay involved in getting that passed?

Was this information used to influence court in Bush v. Gore or Gore to go away? By November 2000, the House Republicans including Porter Goss and Christopher Cox, now at SEC, had said that Al Gore, Strobe Talbott and Larry Summers were part of a run away Troika mismanaging the relation to Russia. The main relation was the IMF loans.
Did Pakistan know that and use that to threaten Armitage on Sep 13 2001 leading to his threat to bomb Pakistan if they exposed the neocons not for their role if any in 9-11? General Mahmood Ahmed of the Pakistan ISI met with Armitage on 9-13. That is when Musharraf says that Armitage threatened to blow him back to the “Stone Age”.

This is all speculation and hypothesis.
October 5th, 2006 at 05:14:12
Russia, India, China worst for bribery

This is hypothesis and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.