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Russia Plagiarism Files, LTCM, Pakistan etc.

October 30, 2006

October 29th, 2006 at 16:52:03 From: Fallaci Admirer
Pakistan ISI is using Afghanistan on us like on Russia
They are using Afghanistan to defeat America like we tried to use it to defeat the Soviet Union. Same with Iraq. This is their plan. Saudis fund resistance in both places. Solution: Invade Iran, surround Pakistan, blockade it to give up nukes, bin Laden and Taliban. Invade Arabia and make it Multicultural Arabia, majority non Muslim population in Mulitcultural Mecca.

October 29th, 2006 at 17:22:32 From: Fallaci Admirer
To “Pissed”, Army in Iraq can Invade Iran leave Iraq
In WWII we island hopped to the Japanese mainland rather than get bogged down in peripheral conflicts. The same applies here. Its time to Island/Country hop from Iraq to Iran, one of the 3 main homelands of what is attacking us. Its wrong to let our troops die in a peripheral war when we can go to the source.

October 29th, 2006 at 17:41:04 From: Fallaci Admirer
Spy problem in US
“little spies in US they have managed to literally destroy the super power status of US single handed.” Its Russia, China, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia that have spies in the US who are harming us. Russia got low interest rate loans in the 1990’s while knowing detailed history of Clinton people involved.

Bushco knew some of that history as well and may have used it to get the Iraq Liberation Act or during Bush v. Gore. Pakistan, Saudi and UAE may have guessed what this was by 9-11 and then used that as leverage on Bush so that he didn’t go after them, despite their actions in the 5 years before 9-11, regardless of their specific involvement in 9-11. This is the spy problem we have.

We need to go to the source of Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE no matter what they have on Bush Clinton. This is a hypothesis and speculation.

October 29th, 2006 at 18:03:49 From: Fallaci Admirer
re Pissed and AIPAC
Jane Harmon and AIPAC are both Americans and the issue of who becomes chairwoman of House Intelligence is a domestic political matter. We were attacked on 9-11. In the 5 years since, Pakistan has been implicated in helping the Taliban against US and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

There was a heated discussion between Armitage and General Ahmed of the Pakistan ISI on 9-12 or 9-13. Did Ahmed have info on Armitage and the PNAC group that got the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 during Clinton impeachment hearings, hearings on loans to Russia, the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard, HIID, Shleifer, Hay, the fed bailout of LTCM, which had Harvard employee(s) in common, etc.

Did Russia have detailed info on Clinton admin that LTCM, Harvard, etc. knew of and may have traded Russian govt bonds on? Was this kept from the USAO Mass starting in 1997 and Congress in 1998? These are questions not assertions.

Did Wolfowitz and Yoo know or suspect? Was that used to get the Iraq Liberation Act in 98 and then during Bush v. Gore? Did Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia use that after 9-11 to keep Bush from going after them? Have Russia and China used that to torpedo the talks with North Korea and Iran?

These are not assertions, but questions and speculation. But this is the real spy issue. Were we attacked on 9-11 or are the Saudis and Pakistan aiding the fight against the US in Pakistan and/or Iraq because they have such info over Bush and Clinton?


October 29th, 2006 at 18:28:52 From: Fallaci Admirer
‘We were attacked on 9-11” by al Qaeda
With possible support or knowledge before or after by Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. However, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia don’t get a pass for all their acts before and after 9-11 because we don’t have enough public proof for everyone of their complicity before or after.

The London Times has reported that this fall the head of NATO in Afghanistan went to Pakistan to talk about Paksitan support of the Taliban with Saudi funding against NATO troops. The same applies to Saudi funding in Iraq and elsewhere. This then goes back to the issue of whether the Saudis and Pakistan have leverage on Bush. That then goes back to those earlier Clinton era investigations, the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard, HIID, Shleifer, LTCM trading of Russian bonds and the Fed arranged bailout.

This is one where there are bits of circumstantial evidence consistent with Russia have files on issues relating to the profs at Harvard, IMF, US Treasury and LTCM going back decades and including possible attempts to pressure that group for nominations for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics at an econ conference in Warsaw in 1972. Jacob Wolfowitz, Paul’s father knew of issues back to 1952.

John Yoo may have picked up info at Berkeley law school on this. Scalia had econ Ph.D./J.D. clerks before and after Bush v. Gore. These are questions and hypotheses, not assertions. But this is the real issue, were we attacked before or after 9-11 with Pakistan and Saudi assistance relying on their high level appointees at IMF and World Bank to know this history?

The USAO Mass investigation of Harvard and HIID lasted to August 2005, overlapping the AIPAC and Plame leak investigations. This is the issue for probing. This is hypothesis not assertion.


October 29th, 2006 at 18:36:06 From: Fallaci Admirer
USAO Mass investigation was 1997 to Aug 2005
1995 is a key year, in spring of 1995, the Gorelick Wall Memo said the FBI couldn’t give info to Assistant US Attorneys from NSA wiretaps overseas including foreign profs. Gorelick became a Harvard Overseer in 1998. She hired Summers from US Treasury in 2001 after Bush v. Gore. Daschle appointed her to the 9-11 Commission.Summers was in charge of loans to Russia with Stanley Fischer.

It was Samuelson the uncle of Summers who was involved in the 1969 MIT incidents with Fischer and Robert C. Merton that raise questions, not asserting misconduct here, but which the Russians may have tried to use to pressure nominations for the 1975 Nobel Prize in economics from Arrow and Samuelson, uncles of Summers for Kantorovich of the USSR. Jacob Wolfowitz had a student going to MIT in 1969 and MIT econ prof(s) as prior student(s). These are questions not assertions.


October 29th, 2006 at 18:58:59 From: Fallaci Admirer
re Putin paid debt last August
You are well informed Pissed, or looked this up in the meantime, either way I tip my hat to you.The reason Putin paid the debt was to put it in the past as not being an ongoing issue for the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard, HIID, Shleifer, Hay, etc.

The big IMF loans started in spring of 1995. In the fall of 1995, Boris Berezovsky and the oligarchs got part of Russia’s oil and gas in loans for shares. Berezovsky has a Ph.D. in math at Moscow State University and worked as a manager at the Institute of Control Sciences Academy of Sciences USSR and was the power behind the throne in the Yeltsin admin.

The reason may be Berezovsky knew from this prior work of the 1952 and 1969 academic incidents and others, which linked to the econ profs and which Jacob Wolfowitz also knew of. Berezovsky hatched the plan to pressure Summers and Fischer, under this hypothesis, to pressure them from this old material used at the 1972 Warsaw econ conference, and US profs from that are still at Harvard and other schools.

It worked, Russia got 10 billion in IMF loans in spring 1995. Berezovsky got his pick of Russia’s oil and gas in fall 1995 as his reward it appears and this money was used to fund Yeltsin’s re-election campaign. Berezovsky became Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Russia and picked Putin as successor to Yeltsin.

Putin wanted the IMF loans off the books to put this history behind him. If he thought Pakistan, Saudis, etc. were using this as leverage for 9-11 complicity or subsequent support of Afghanistan and Iraq attacks on US troops that is even more reason for him to put this behind him. This is all speculation and hypotheses.


October 30th, 2006 at 09:35:04 From: Fallaci Admirer
re Ron “woefully ignorant of how it works. “
How does the IMF work? Aleksei V. Mozhin (Russian Federation) Andrei Lushin (Russian Federation) sec/memdir/eds.htm see russia Wouldn’t Mozhin and Lushin work with Russian intelligence to have files on US econ profs at IMF?

Wouldn’t that include Stanley Fischer and issues relating to his 1969 MIT Ph.D. thesis and the role of Paul Samuelson, Summers’ uncle in the Fischer thesis and NSF papers that duplicated work of a 1966 UCLA thesis? We are neutral here on whether it was actual plagiarism.

But if you search Samuelson Merton 1969, and then Samuelson Merton Hakansson 1969, you’ll find Harvard not crediting the 1966 UCLA thesis. Look at Robert Merton’s Nobel Prize bio, where he says Hakansson was a grad student at the time, i.e. in 1968, when in fact Hakansson’s thesis is 1966.

Merton’s bio was written in 1997, and he knew Hakansson got his Ph.D. in 1966. Fischer credited Merton and Samuelson in his 1989 textbook. Russian profs gather these facts in and relay them to Mozhin at IMF to use on US profs like Fischer.Fischer got his US citizenship through his thesis and papers on it. This is all to be understood as restated as questions and hypotheses, not assertions.

October 30th, 2006 at 09:43:25 From: Fallaci Admirer
Merton wrote bio in ’97 after USAO Mass investigation
started in spring of 1997. In fall, Merton got Nobel Prize.
USAO Mass was investigating Harvard’s investment in Russian govt bonds, but not it appears LTCM’s investment in them. Merton wrote his NP bio in fall 97 after the investigation of Harvard and its Russian investments started. Ayman Hindy and Victor Haghani at LTCM were involved in trading Russian bonds and LTCM bet heavy on them in Aug 98. One book on LTCM says they traded Russian govt bonds as if they had the inside scoop, Lowenstein’s I believe. This is all hypotheses and speculation.

.. Additional Note on Merton October 1997 Nobel Prize

Merton shared in the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the development of the Black Scholes model, sometimes called Black Scholes Merton. This also raises issues of proper credit being given to A. James Boness thesis at University of Chicago Ph.D. in 1964 and the McKean appendix to the Samuelson paper that contains the first appearance of a partial differential equation for an option price.

Poincare said there should be such an equation in 1900 when Bachelier did his thesis under Poincare at University of Paris. Samuelson had a student do a thesis in the 1950’s that duplicated that paper, according to Samuelson without prior knowledge, until Savage sent Samuelson the citation.

1. Russia started keeping plagiarism files in 1925.

2. these were used to get atomic know how, get Klaus Fuchs into Los Alamos and pressure Niels Bohr.

3. The universities covered this up starting in WWII including in 1950 investigation by FBI of Klaus Fuchs and Oppenheimer Security Clearance Hearings.

4. Russia used this kompromat to get nominations from US profs for Nobel Prizes in physics and econ from 1950’s to present.

5. The same group of profs was pressured at the 1972 Warsaw conference for econ as controlled IMF loans to Russia in the 1990’s, which came to include Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.

6. LTCM and others traded Russian govt bonds in the 1990’s knowing Russia had this pressure.

7. USAO Mass investigated Harvard econ from 1997 to 2005, but they were deceived. Congress investigated loans to Russia, LTCM bailout but Fed, DOJ HQ, Treasury, etc deceived it.

8. Paul Wolfowitz and Yoo knew this, used it get Iraq Liberation Act and during Bush v. Gore.

9. India and Pakistan knew it in 1998 and used it to do their nuclear tests.

10. Pakistan, Saudis, UAE knew it on 9-11 and used it to continue supporting terrorism in last 5 years even if not involved in 9-11.

11. Russia and China have used it for CFIUS approvals, and to undermine Iran and NoKo negotiations. Russia sold arms to Syria and Iran in 2005 after Israel hired Stanley Fischer as central banker.
12. Bushco are caught in having used this.

13. The Democrats can’t investigate Bush if they control Congress and reveal all, because it leads back to Clinton admin.

14. Marc Rich pardon was because Rich knew this and he got Israel’s support for Rich pardon, Libby his lawyer, because he gave them info on Swiss links.

15. Libby and co have withheld this from Fitzgerald investigation.

16. Russia, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan have Bush by the nose because of this, and the Democrats can’t expose because they are in it.

17. Supreme Court, DOJ HQ, Senate Judiciary — Hatch, law school profs, clerks, etc. all linked in.


Samuelson Merton Hakansson 1969

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Samuelson Merton 1969

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The Role of Learning in Dynamic Portfolio Decisions – Brennan (1997) ” states
Thus, the basic single period theory was extended by Hakansson (1970) Merton (1971) Samuelson (1969), Breeden (1979) and others to allow for a multi period horizon in which investment opportunities might either be constant, time dependent, or even stochastic 4 in the latter case, “

Above is all speculation and hypotheses, and should be restated as questions.