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re “Bush signed India nuclear deal with disappearing ink”

December 19, 2006

“Bush signing statement on US-India nuclear deal erases Congressional restrictions”

See Michael Roston at Raw Story
Published: Tuesday December 19, 2006

Chris Kelley, a political science professor at Miami University of Ohio who has studied presidential signing statements closely, remarked on his personal blog last night that “All of the attention that the signing received was directed precisely where the administration wanted, and away from the sections of the bill that the President has undermined.”

In a seeming echo of Bush’s statement, Reuters reported India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as responding to domestic critics of the agreement that “India would not be bound by “extraneous” conditions attached to the deal when it was passed by the U.S. Congress this month, rejecting efforts to constrain New Delhi’s policy towards Iran or its own nuclear weapons programme.”

Bush’s presidential signing statement can be accessed in full at the White House website. The sections of the legislation affected by the presidential signing statement are included at this link.


The following hypothesis and speculation may explain why India gets away with this.

India may have kompromat on Bush. From the 1920’s, Russia has had plagiarism files on US profs. These may have been used to get IMF loans in the 1990’s for Russia from Clinton profs. Bush neocon profs may have known that and used that for the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998 and during Bush v. Gore.

The USAO Mass investigated the Harvard econ dept on a grant to Russia starting in 1997. That investigation lasted to Aug 2005. During that time, the Clinton profs and then Bush team may have concealed the above info from it.

India has known of this scheme in physics for over 50 years and the econ incidents as well most likely. The PM of India, Manmohan Singh, appears to have been a sort of operative for India in the econ sphere.

Shaukat Aziz is his corresponding part at Pakistan and is PM and foreign minister of Pakistan and comes from Citigroup.

India and Pakistan have been using this history as leverage since their 1998 nuclear tests. Pakistan got to support terrorism starting with the Aug 98 embassy bombings and continuing through 9-11 to the present support of the Taliban.

India is now getting paid off with US nuclear technology and the right to buy more fuel. The reason there are no real limits on India is because Singh has this on Bush.

Russia’s Plagiarism Files

The above is speculation.


Musharraf Lied on 60 minutes about Khan, Nukes

September 25, 2006

General Pervez Musharraf lied on 60 minutes about Abdul Qadeer Khan and Musharraf’s knowledge about Khan selling nuclear weapons to North Korea. Khan was not in the ISI. The ISI controls Pakistan like the KGB did the Soviet Union. Khan couldn’t move anything without the ISI knowing.

General Mahmood Ahmed was head of the ISI on October 12, 1999 when he led the coup that put Musharraf in power.

60 Minutes

“Musharraf: In the Line of Fire
Pakistan’s President Tells Steve Kroft U.S. Threatened His Country
NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2006”

“First of all, bringing these centrifuges or their parts, these are not huge elements. They can be put into your car and moved,” Musharraf replies.

“You think he moved 18 tons worth of material in his car?” Kroft asks.

Musharraf says the materials, heading to Libya and Iran ” must have been transported many times.”

Did Musharraf know about 9-11?  See followingn discussion board. 

Subject: Regarding 9/11 and Mush…

Let’s be honest. There are a number of things that should be noted. The most important that Pakistan, aka Pukistan has remained and continues to remain a terrorist nation. Not alleged, but an actual sponsor of terrorism.

Furthermore, the United States, regardless of it’s political parties, none have ever been willing to condemn Pakistan’s actions, past, present, or in the future. In fact, The entire mindset of the entire United States political elites has remained mired within that of the Cold War. Never mind that Saudi Arabia has sought to acquire or even may have acquired nuclear weapons from Pakistan, orginating in the PRC, to marry up with IRBMs that Saudi Arabia owns.

Posted by F on 04-AUG-04

Subject: RE Mush & 9/11

Time for honesty.
Mush knew. End of story.  “

Time for honesty about A. Q. Khan.  Mush knew, end of story.  Time for honesty about harboring bin Laden, Mush knew, end of story.  Time for honesty about the August 1998 embassy attacks and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole.  Mush knew, end of story.

Complete 911 Timeline
The ISI: Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency

Project: Complete 911 Timeline
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