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BNP Guaridan Ian Cobain Inside Elite-Liberal Hate

December 22, 2006

Guardian has zero tolerance for truth, about immigration, about Islam, about the source of crime, and who is ultimately responsible. The Guardian, like all the liberal elites, hate their victims for the harm they have done them, those who tell the truth, and most of all those who want to stop it getting worse, who the Guardian hates as the ultimate truth tellers.

The ultimate truth about immigration is told by stopping it. That’s why the Guardian and the Leftist elites won’t allow any discussion of stopping it. To stop it is to admit it was wrong all along. Stopping it is to admit that those who say they are for the working class, have always been against them.

This is why the 9-11 Commission disliked the 9-11 Families. The 9-11 Commission members had kept immigration going after the WTC 1993 attacks. They let in the 19 hijackers after 1993. They were responsible for 9-11.

Then after 9-11, to cover it up, they kept immigration going. That is the truth they don’t want to tell. That is why they dislike the 9-11 Families. That is why they dislike those who tell the truth about 9-11 and immigration.

Bush’s religion of peace speech was pre-emptive attacking of the victims, their families, the survivors, and most of all those who would champion them by telling the simple truth, the 19 hijackers should never have been in the country in the first place.


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Ian Cobain
Friday December 22, 2006
The Guardian

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